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Elected Officials

- Robert Benjamin

- Steve Sante

Susan Flowers

- Eric Renken

- Kelly Sweeney

Planning Commission

 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

ANNUAL REPORTS:  2010-2011   2011-2012    2012-2013   2013-2014  2014-2015  2016-2017
BY-LAWS:  PC_By-Laws 

MASTER PLAN 2012 - 2017      
Chapters 1-2:   Ch_1_2
Chapters 3-7:   Ch_3_7
Chapters 8-11:  Ch_8_11
Master Plan Implementation Tracker 2012-Present (Actions Taken to Achieve the Master Plan Goals/Objectives)

The Milton Township Planning Commission is a seven-member appointed board consisting of one Township Board member(Ex-Officio) who serves their term on the Planning Commission concurrently with their Township Board term, and six residents of the Township who serve staggered three-year terms. The Planning Commission’s responsibilities are:

  • Developing, adopting, and overseeing the implementation of the Township’s Master Plan.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the Zoning Ordinance, and recommending Ordinance revisions and amendments to the Township Board where necessary.
  • Reviewing rezoning requests from property owners and making an approval or denial recommendation to the Township Board, which is responsible for making the final decision on rezoning requests.
  • Review and decide requests from property owners seeking one of the Conditional/Special Uses listed in the property’s Zoning Cassification District.
  • Reviewing site plans to ensure compliance with the Zoning Ordinance requirements and the goals and objectives of the Master Plan.
  • Reviewing and discussing planning concepts and issues, and their applicability to the current and future development of the Township.
  • Developing a "Recommended" Capital Improvment Plan annually.
  • Assisting in the education of the general public on planning issues and concepts.